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Meet The Spy-Fi Guys, Christian and Zach. Spy-Fi is short for spy fiction, but we will be covering spy fact, spy fiction, and everything in between. Join us every episode as we analyze our favorite moments and then take you behind the scenes for the stories behind the celluloid.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. "Spies in Disguise"

    Starring Will Smith and Tom Holland, "Spies in Disguise" is an animated movie that came out last year. Smith stars as Lance Sterling, a suave James Bond analogue who has never met a challenge he can't handle. That is, until he meets Tom Holland and they learn a valuable lesson ...


  2. "Breach"

    "Breach" stars Chris Cooper as Robert Hanssen, one of the most notorious traitors in American intelligence history. Listen to our hosts' spoiler-filled take on the film. Christian provides insights from Eric O'Neil's book in which he served undercover as part of the effort to capture Hanssen as depicted in the film. ...


  3. "License to Kill"

    Christian and Zach cover their first James Bond movie, the second Timothy Dalton flick "License to Kill." 007 goes rogue for the first time in order to seek revenge on a drug kingpin, and goes right on killing people despite having his license to kill revoked. Listen to our hosts' ...


  4. "Valkryie"

    This week, the Spy-Fi Guys cover "Valkryie," starring Tom Cruise. It tells the story of the July 20th plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1944 and overthrow the Nazi regime. Listen to our hosts' spoiler-filled take on the film. Stay tuned for some fascinating spy fact vs fiction at the ...


  5. Microdot: "Countdown to Valkryie"

    In their first "microdot" episode, Christian and Zach discuss the stories surrounding the Valkryie Plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler, including George Elser's bomb and aborted attempts to overthrow the Nazi regime by Abwehr officials. Next week they will be covering "Valkryie" starring Tom Cruise. ...