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Meet The Spy-Fi Guys, Christian and Zach. Spy-Fi is short for spy fiction, but we will be covering spy fact, spy fiction, and everything in between. Join us every episode as we analyze our favorite moments and then take you behind the scenes for the stories behind the celluloid.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Microdot: "Traitors or Patriots"



  2. "The Long Kiss Goodnight"

    Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson star in the story of an ordinary amnesiac who is actually a CIA assassin! Sounds like a Shane Black movie? That's because it is, with all the clever dialogue to match. It's also one of Samuel L. Jackson's favorites to rewatch.  ...


  3. Microdot: "The Saboteur"

    Along a similar vein to last week's "The Catcher Was A Spy," this week The Spy Fi-Guys cover the less well known story of William Grover-Williams, aka The Saboteur. Like Moe Berg, Grover-Williams was a professional athelete turned spy, but rather than a baseball player, Grover-Williams ...


  4. "The Catcher Was a Spy"



  5. "Hudson Hawk"

    Bruce Willis stars in his 1991 passion project "Hudson Hawk," about the misadventures of a singing cat burglar, his best friend, and his Vatican Organization love interest. Probably the worst movie the Spy-Fi Guys have covered or ever will cover, but certainly entertaining to talk about. Not one to be ...