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Meet The Spy-Fi Guys, Christian and Zach. Spy-Fi is short for spy fiction, but we will be covering spy fact, spy fiction, and everything in between. Join us every episode as we analyze our favorite moments and then take you behind the scenes for the stories behind the celluloid.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Microdot: "The Grand Mosque Seizure"



  2. "Argo"

    The 2012 Best Picture and Best Director-winning "Argo" may be the most prestigious flick the Spy-Fi Guys have taken on yet, but where it exceeds in cinematography it lacks in historical accuracy. Tony Mendez and six Americans go undercover as a Canadian movie-making team to escape post-revolution Iran. Tune in ...


  3. "Thirteen Days," One Year Anniversary Special

    The Spy-Fi Guys celebrate one year of podcasting with a bonus episode from the archives. "Thirteen Days" stars Kevin Costner and Bruce Greenwood as they navigate the treacherous waters surrounding Cuba during a time when the world was poised on the edge of nuclear war. The funky accents don't hurt ...


  4. "Patriot Games" guest starring Lance

    Harrison Ford has to find his family for possibly the first time in this Tom Clancy thriller. The Spy-Fi Guys are joined by guest star Lance as they talk counter-terrorism, the IRA, and intelligence work in their most detailed episode yet. ...


  5. "Sgt Stubby: An American Hero" guest starring Carolyn and Sarah